September means Training Solutions

tsc - 1 de Septiembre de 2015

In just a few days, TSC starts participating in IE UNIVERSITY first Orientation Week. An idea that relies on the need of the students to get to know the environment they are taking part of for the following days, months... years. The name of the 3 hours intervention, Move Eat Achieve, and a brief explanation of the contents, has attracted over 100 students to the dynamics.

After 3 hours working together, you wont be a better student…yet. But either your biorhythm makes you an early bird or maybe a night owl, let me tell you one thing, before the information comes: We cant take off through this Special Journey without you. Come with us and live the experience.

The beginning of September is also time to lay back and feel the SOCCER OBSESSION. Our expert on that, the JUVENTUS fan Mr. Marco Maglienti, a true expert in football different aspects of business in and out the pitch, has already received this autum promo of American University Students. In the next 3 months, once per week, would they all realize the different aspects of this European and almost world wide more than sport.

September brings over 300 students of IE Business School to start their 13 months Master in Management program. And none of them is missing the Business and Sport Training 6 hours practice with ours consultants, in which they live and see the importance of being Team Players. Seven years of teaching in this Master, more than 3000 students later, and excellent feedbacks from the vast majority, make us confirm that Sports is a Tool that Teaches.

Finally, into TSC consultancy approach to companies, September takes us to Valladolid. Global Fidelis, the Service Platform with whom our company has been collaborating for the last 3 years, starts new programs and brings new partners to the world of business to consumers.

Welcome you all to September. A great month to work together with the brain tank loaded of new and succesful ideas.




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