Five Basic Pillars. A whole decade of B&ST method with Ie Business School

TSC - 28 de Enero de 2016

After a week of work with Ie Business School Imba 2016 intake, the Five Basic pilars of what we believe should be a successful teambuilding performance were set and ready to be implemented.

More than 250 students from all over the planet, have lived once again, for the 11th straight season, the BUSINESS AND SPORT TRAINING EXPERIENCE (B&ST). This method of learning through living and doing, has become a real highlight of the first week of any IMBA, MIM, GMBA students of one of the top ranked Business Schools in the world.

Taking the game of basketball as a tool that teaches, students located at Canoe NC facilities, inside Madrid Capital City, embarqued on a 3 hours challenge throughout different basketball exercises lead by TSC senior consultants, Pablo Martinez and Marco Maglienti.

Five basic ideas had been worked and well based with the help of motivated students, all of whom created the best environment to receive information.

Should we be fans of our own development as teammates, or should we step on the court and help others whilst we let others help us for the greater good of the group?

Are we all aware of the limited but reachable resources that any team always has around, feeling the need of finding them all, and more important, feeling the urgency of using them all in the most efficient way to maximize our potential?

Is it always the need of our Experts taking responsibilty, able to help others on the way to the top, one of our main objectives?

Could be also one of the most important questions asked inside of our teams, the one related to our main goals and priorities?

And finally, maybe the most difficult  and challenging question for any team willing to perform: is there inside the group a sense of manage our time well? Are we calling and using our Team Time-Outs in the most effective way?

5 days of work. 5 basic pillars of Team Work. More than a decade of learning from living and doing; All of that inside of one of the best Business Schools in the world.





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