Are we allowed to break rules?

TSC - 18 de Septiembre de 2016

This is one of the main questions shared with the new groups coming in to our B&ST Teambuilding Challenge, from the Master in Management Ie Business School 2016 Intake.

Is there any difference between breaking a rule and breaking a topic, a prejudgement? As we all can imagine, we are taking them to reflect about high performing attitudes, those who will lead their teams to a minimun type of success, making them feel confortable along the way. 

Is it possible to build a team without enough confidence or trust in between the players? How do I see myself, which are my strenghts, my weaknesses, am I able to communicate in an open way with my colleagues right at the start of our work? Are all of these questions really relevant to take the team to the standards needed to succeed?

One more intake, 11 years gone by, our teambuilding questions and, of course, our teambuilding Business and Sport exercises and concepts, models and experiences, are guiding more than 350 students in their twenties to prepare the first and very important weeks of the MIM program full of motivation and helped by our TEAMPLAYER PASSPORT.

Whilst we were preparing this post, we got to watch a short video from Tom Peters, one of the most respected managers and public speakers of the last 3 decades in high performing topics, and were we very surprised by his approach to the ruling and type of new management hiring in companies. Please take two minutes to watch Mr. Peters emotional defense of somehow breaking the rules of the games...

Does he really knows the difference beetween a rule and a self-limitation, a prejudgement? We have something to share with our students these next classes. It is going to be fun and well valued.




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