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TSC - 14 de Enero de 2017

The first objective of the coach and players should be a complete mastery of the individual fundamentals. The second objective is the integration of the players into a team...

Once this is done, the house has been built on a solid, sound foundation. The team will play with the confidence and poise so essential to success.

(Tex Winter, basketball coach and mentor).

One of the Amazing weeks of the year for TSC and its team took place. What a four days we had with the new intake of IMBA Ie Business Schools students from all over the world. 288 present and future managers came to our teambuilding class during the first week of the program. The objective for us was to motivate and teach them around some key aspects of the Teambuilding Process.  

Using our exclusive method, BUSINESS AND SPORT TRAINING, and having the Game of Basketball as the best tool for it, we were guidind them throughout what we think could be the difference between an average team in and a HIGH PERFORMING TEAM into the management and business world.

Inspired by the words of Michael Jordans assistant coach in the great Chicago Bulls, Mr. Tex Winter, we challenged the students to get the best out of the practice, having continuos feedback with their coaches during the process.

If you ever look for what Michael Jordan thought about the game he played to the maximum, just read the sentence which with we finish the post...


(all THE BEST for these bright IE BUSINESS SCHOOL students, and great managers of the present and future)




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