MASTER IN MANAGEMENT 2018; welcome back

TSC - 11 de Febrero de 2018


We convert  sport emotions into reflexions and knowledge. BUSINESS & SPORT TRAINING  is a training methodology using the practice and the experiences of sports like basketball and tennis to facilitate the implementations of behaviours that help the development of attitudes and skills.

B&ST provides a Real Experience

We easily get a fast coherence between what people listen in the class-room and what they practice in the sport-ground. All participants live a real experience and not a simple simulation. 

B&ST creates Commitment

All participants are obliged to give their best during any moment of the program.

B&ST is Fast

Each participant realizes in any moment what he has to do in order to reach the objective.

B&ST wake up Interest

It is especially recommended for those people that, having already made few traditional training activities, needs a new and different environment to stimulate their learning and motivation.




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