Do something today, better than tomorrow

TSC - 18 de Abril de 2013

What an afternoon this Wednesday of April was. Around the project called SOCCER OBSSESION, we were fortunate to have former professional footballer, David Belenguer, talking about his life in and after football professional years.

90 minutes to remember, in which David explained to all 10 American University (AU) students how the game has always been his truly passion, and not just his profession.

"I would have played football or soccer -the way you guys call it- even without getting paid, so I guess you would imagine how my feelings were the day I became a pro player. I started like every kid of my age out in the streets, dreaming of the day I could step on a real football pitch, which was not something frequent around my neighborhood".

"One of the tips to find out Spain’s global development could perfectly be that of football changing from a talented latin people’s country to the Global Football World Reference”, said David, before going back to his youth years. “I grew up by playing also tennis, and football almost got me out with just 17 years old. Then Real Madrid called me, to try with its youth team, and got me back in until months before my 40th Birthday”.

Many teams filled out David’s nineteen years of soccer obsession. “The years I played for Real Betis were truly unforgettable –he mentioned-. In Spain, we all know about those ‘Derbis’ in the city of Sevilla, but it’s only becoming a part of it that you really get to realize how big and special that rivalry is”.

Thinking of his favorite’s moments on the field, David shared two of them with the audience: “Have you ever watched that famous Messi’s goal against Getafe, that one so similar to Maradona’s during Mexico’s World Cup? Well, I was the last man on defense… and I promise you guys that I touched that ball and almost stole it!” said David with the students stunned and laughing. “But the highlight real and you can see me trembling now, happened during the UEFA Cup semifinal against Bayer Munich. Those two goals they scored on us at the very end of the overtime, when we dominated 3-1 after playing almost the entire match with ten players, got us professionally and personally shocked for the rest of the season. I remember taking my family to US that summer, trying to escape from football environment, and suddenly having a man shouting at me; hey, Beleeenguer, you are David Beleeeenguer; you made me cry that day against Bayern Munich, man! I could not believe my ears, even in 5th Avenue had I heard about that”. 

“Since I retired from playing, I tried to follow my grandma’s advice; do something today, better than tomorrow, or you’ll regret your football career. So many things can be done around this business; I decided to raise my own company to help changing old habits. After 3 years of hard work, I barely have time to talk about those years. I have to travel much more than before. Just came from China, where we work along with the government to develop football talents. So many contacts made during my football years are now helping me to add value to my proposals. It’s a whole new game to be played, based on the game I’ve always loved the most. So far, I guess my grandma would have been proud of me”.



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