Healthy Life Style (HLS)

TSC - 5 de Noviembre de 2013

Professor Daniel de la Serna, TSC partner, has written this piece to introduce HLS to Ie Business School Global XMba students with whom we have a teambuilding + HLS workshop.

Human Health is about the Management of Energetic Resources. Today´s main sources of energy are nutrients and food and, probably, for the first time in our History, Human Beings have such a free and easy access to nutrients, especially in western societies.

The Brain, on its piece of principal organ regulating our organism, has a major responsibility on energy distribution.

If there is anything that differentiates Humans to any other Primates is the size of our brain, significantly bigger. The real value of this size is its improvement capacity, which allowed Humans to develop technology, art and abstraction, ‘roller-coasters’ of today´s modern societies.

During our evolutional trip, started millions of years ago, there had been two different organs guiding Humans to present time: Brain and Muscles.

These two types of organs have been for centuries responsible of the communications channels created between them that ruled our physiology, improved our health and developed our decision making capacities.

Those decision making processes manage business environments, in particular, and our lives in general today. We take thousands of decisions; from what to eat this afternoon to how should we manage our saving for the next decade.

Every simple or complex decision we take today needs to recruit brain circuits which were designed in the past, shaped by Old Conditions such lack of energy sources and need of physical activity as principal ones.

Since Industrial Revolution, our life style has changed dramatically. We have gone from Lack of Energy environment to Excess of Energy environment and to probably the most important change for our health: the need of movement has disappeared.

Based on these facts, may we need to review nutrition and physical activity in order to improve our decision making processes and to keep us healthy.


Objective: through this workshop, Students understand firstly why the physical activity is one of the main tools to overcome stress, and secondly how to improve the decision making processes, to efficiently implement both all through the year.


ü  Where do we come from? Where do we go? A short introduction to evolution.

ü  The brain-gut-muscle relationship.

ü  Spontaneous Movement vs. Motivational Movement.

  • Motivational Strategies

ü  Brain effects from Physical Activity: Dopamine production and psychological flexibility.

ü  Physical activity; Energy regulator in key decision making processes

  • Decision making: the need of muscular contraction

ü  Nutrition and health. Brains specific nutrition.




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