The Making of an Expert

TSC - 17 de Abril de 2014

This article has been published by Harvard Business Review a few years ago. It talks about how the last studies show the importance of deliberate practice and coaching over any innate talent or skill. One of the main concepts that our firm works with its clients is the idea of HAVING EXPERTS around to work with. Can we really have them, or create them? What should these EXPERTS do for our TEAMS?

Professors K. Anders Ericsson, Michael Prietula and Edward Cokely have asked themselves one of the questions that we always ask our diferent clients when we work together into our learning methods; what does correlate with success? Many studies revealed then how the amount and quality of practice were key factors in the level of expertise people achieved.

What is, then, an EXPERT? How, then, can you tell you’re dealing with a genuine one?

Real EXPERTISE, must pass three test, if we follow Ericsson, Prietula and Cokely studies. First, it must lead to performance that is consistently superior to that of an expert’s peers. In our own words; The EXPERT must SCORE as much as possible for the team when asked to. Meaning, in second place, that REAL EXPERTISE produces concrete results. A basketball player, shooting from its distance the importance shots of the game, have no excuses but to make them and get the win for the group. Finally, true expertise must be replicated or measure. As we say to the teams; The REAL EXPERT is the one who not only scores when is necessary, but also the one who finds the time and motivation to helping other in the process of learning and applying that certain type of expertise.






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