Parental Leadership

TSC - 5 de Agosto de 2014

From time to time we feel like going back to basics. In this case, we want to explore new angles of leadership. Being the thoughts of Simon Sinek great training sessions for that.  

Sinek presents in this 14 minutes of interview, from TED Vancouver, some important questions:

- Should the objective of any leader be to have a bigger house, or to make sure his children get the best out of his guidance?

- Should leadership be more related to authority, or more related to care?

The idea surrounding the whole explanation is the great lost of the companies when their type of leadership moves from the consistency of the family to the intensity of the business world. From the parental care for the people to the material care for the profits.

Leadership comes with tremendous risk; The succes of the organization is not the size of the ofiice, but the number of people that want to live inside.




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