A concrete number of 388 STUDENTS of the new MIM intake from IE busines school were dated to participate in their TEAMBUILDING session created by TSC.
Business and Sport Training methodology was for the 12th year in a row the advanced and well managed tool offered to these managers of the upcoming years.
The Journey was presented in 2 different scenarios. First the so called CLASS OF THE FUTURE, by the TSC senior consultants, professors Pablo Martínez and Marco Maglienti. An active environment filled with lines painted on the floor, baskets as targets, cones as overcome obstacles and water and basketballs to help the STUDENTS/PLAYERS to reach their team goals.
2 hours of intense mental EXERCISE alligned with physical activity, led all STUDENTS to identify and maximize their teams potential. Doing so to be able to transport the developed basketball ideas into máster in MANAGEMENT pillars of their brand new houses of their willing to be HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS.
Each afternoon part of the workshop, took off from that stand point. How could we see opportuinities ahead and no rules instead; What is a teammate for me, and what can I get from my professors all year long.
Many more thougths, inspiring ideas and great alumni opinions allowed us one more intake, to come up with our final proposals.
Only those who decide to show up and play the Game are the ones taking It to the Next Level.
388 Young and Brilliant MIM STUDENTS have received the official passport created by TSC UNIQUE METHOD OF TEAM TRAINING.
Step up and use your brand new TEAM PLAYER PASSPORT of your master. We wish you great time, lots of learning, and a Big Shot going in.

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